Poverty and Hunger Put Children in Third World Nations at Risk

The greatest threat to the people in the developing nations is poverty. Poverty is the root cause for all the other issues that arise from it, like hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, scarcity of public conveniences, lack of amenities, etc. In this article, we shall discuss some of the most threatening effects of poverty and hunger and the way it affects the lives of children in these nations.

  • When there is lack of even the basic needs and a necessity of life, poverty takes shape. Poverty has been the biggest threat and issue to deal with in all the poor or even developing nations. These nations do not have availability of proper food, proper place to live, proper medical aids, proper hygiene and even fresh, clean water. Poverty leads to innumerable problems, like, malnutrition, water borne diseases, dearth of medical help, scarcity of proper living conditions, and lack of education, information and knowledge.
  • One great issue leads to the rise of several others.  Poverty and its befall is a vicious cycle, that has no beginning or end, but it certainly has its terrible implications and influences.
  • Facts and statistics show, that more than a billion children, live in utter destitution. There is no proper food available for them, there is no proper shelter, and there is no certain hope that their conditions are soon to be improved. These children do not even have the privilege to know what the rest of the world looks like, and the way they live. These children are born in poverty and thereby, it is difficult for them to even imagine and estimate what they are deprived off.
  • The children, drenched in poverty are growing up to become a race that is uneducated, malnourished and a hundred years behind and underprivileged than the rest of the world. They do not have proper medical assistance when needed, let alone proper education.
  • Over 22,000 children die of poverty and malnutrition all around the globe each and every day. We can therefore very well imagine the rate at which children are falling prey to the monstrous effects of poverty.

People from all around the globe are trying to figure out ways in which, poverty can be dealt with, and the children in these developing nations can be provided with better living conditions.

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