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our achivement
  • Conducting first of its kind college fests/events which educated generation X about themes related to community health.
  • Spreading awareness among citizens regarding community health by means of road shows, events etc.
  • Networking with top universities abroad to gather and disseminate valuable knowledge pertaining to AIDS and other community ailments.
  • Creating a platform for victims of social neglect and apathy.

As an entrepreneur and a social activist I firmly believe that common citizens should be involved in projects related to community health in order to make a difference.


About Us

AIDS is a pandemic that threatens the very existence of human life on earth. AIDS patients not only have to struggle against the ravages of a deadly and painful disease, they also have to face ostracism and discriminations fueled by general ignorance about the disease. is an effort towards spreading awareness regarding AIDS and HIV virus among the general public to help fight against the disease and assist those living with AIDS to lead life with dignity free of discriminations. is a non-profit venture dedicated to spread knowledge and awareness among the general public about HIV virus, how it is transmitted and how to prevent infection. Knowledge is power – and once we are equipped with right knowledge and information about this deadly foe we will be in a better position to fight its pernicious influence.

Information and news from mainstream media regarding AIDS/HIV either remains riddled with myths and misinformation or too full of jargons that make it beyond comprehension of lay persons. Here is an effort to disseminate right data and knowledge about HIV and AIDS to common people in an easy and comprehensible manner.

It is unfortunate that many people still feel justified in avoiding and socially ostracizing HIV positive people and AIDS patients. As long as the social taboo against the disease remains we will never be able to fight openly against it. Unless people are made aware of how the virus is transmitted they cannot be educated about preventive methods. So long as AIDS/HIV remain taboo subjects people will never feel secure enough to come for HIV tests or to find out more about the disease and ways to combat it. is a humble effort by RedMolecule, an event management company, to create an open forum where a frank and free discussion regarding all things concerning HIV, AIDS and related subjects can be held. We also aim to arm people with right knowledge so they can join our fight against the AIDS pandemic.