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our achivement
  • Conducting first of its kind college fests/events which educated generation X about themes related to community health.
  • Spreading awareness among citizens regarding community health by means of road shows, events etc.
  • Networking with top universities abroad to gather and disseminate valuable knowledge pertaining to AIDS and other community ailments.
  • Creating a platform for victims of social neglect and apathy.

As an entrepreneur and a social activist I firmly believe that common citizens should be involved in projects related to community health in order to make a difference.


How it all started?, like many other bodies came into existence as an initiative taken by a group of dynamic and energetic young people of Kolkata. The prime motive was to bring about changes in the way AIDS and its victims are treated and dealt with. One of the greatest causes for the ill treatment of these people is ignorance of the general mass regarding the disease. came up as a body that aimed at throwing light upon the realities and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS.  In fact one of the greatest threats related to the disease is the lack of information and knowledge about it. AIDS has taken its toll on innumerable lives for decades and although similar in magnitude, it is not a disease like cancer that has its effect only on a person’s physiological system; rather AIDS also has a profound psychological impact. AIDS is more of a concept than just a disease. It can be fought successfully, only when it is considered as a disease and not a social stigma.  There are innumerable myths, rumors and superstitions about AIDS and came up to bring about changes for the better; changes that would enlighten people in general and help victims of this fatal disease to cope with their ailment.

We have come together to tread with belief, on our journey to fight AIDS and the prejudices associated with it. AIDS victims and HIV positive people often are deprived of proper support and treatment by their families, which makes it all the more, complicated an issue to be dealt with. We mainly came into being with an objective of providing education and awareness to all. We are here to provide information about all things related to HIV/ AIDS to enable everyone to rise above social misconceptions and beliefs and fight a pandemic disease that might just spell doom for humanity.