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our achivement
  • Conducting first of its kind college fests/events which educated generation X about themes related to community health.
  • Spreading awareness among citizens regarding community health by means of road shows, events etc.
  • Networking with top universities abroad to gather and disseminate valuable knowledge pertaining to AIDS and other community ailments.
  • Creating a platform for victims of social neglect and apathy.

As an entrepreneur and a social activist I firmly believe that common citizens should be involved in projects related to community health in order to make a difference.


Our Vision and Mission

Unfortunately, social stigma against AIDS and HIV infected patients is a reality that cannot be denied. It exists in all parts of the world in both developed and developing nations in various forms ranging from ostracism and outright rejection by one’s own family to discrimination in workplace and even violence in extreme cases. There are many stories of HIV infected patients being thrown out of homes, school and work and ostracized by society after their disease became public knowledge. There are horror stories about people being forced to undergo HIV tests without their consent or protection of confidentiality and of forced quarantines.

Our mission is to spread awareness regarding HIV/AIDS transmission and how to prevent it. The goal is to make the general public aware of the dangers facing them to help in eventual eradication of the disease. Understanding how HIV is transmitted will also help people to realize that there is no need for boycott or avoidance of AIDS patients as talking, working and interacting with them cannot lead to infection. Once people know how the virus is transmitted they can understand the need for preventive methods as well. It is the mission of to spread accurate and right information regarding AIDS/HIV to help stall its pernicious influence on the world at large. Our aim is also to create a common platform where Government organizations, NGOs, charitable organizations, corporate houses and like minded individuals can come together to spearhead a joint coordinated approach to combat AIDS.