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our achivement
  • Conducting first of its kind college fests/events which educated generation X about themes related to community health.
  • Spreading awareness among citizens regarding community health by means of road shows, events etc.
  • Networking with top universities abroad to gather and disseminate valuable knowledge pertaining to AIDS and other community ailments.
  • Creating a platform for victims of social neglect and apathy.

As an entrepreneur and a social activist I firmly believe that common citizens should be involved in projects related to community health in order to make a difference.


Facts about AIDS

AIDS stands for AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is caused when HIV virus attacks and damages the human immune system. It is a contagious disease which has affected thousands of people worldwide. To stop the spreading of this dreadful disease, both private and government sectors have taken up the quest to promote awareness against AIDS. As there is no known vaccine or cure for this pandemic, the stress is on preventive measures to stall the progress of the disease. Let us take a quick look at some important facts about HIV/AIDS.

  • HIV is a retrovirus that attacks and slowly destroys the human immune system at a cellular level. People with HIV infection therefore gradually become susceptible to all kinds of illnesses and diseases that attack taking advantage of weak immune system. These are called opportunistic infections.
  • AIDS is actually the last stage of viral infection and is fatal in nature. All HIV infected persons are not suffering from AIDS. They undergo antiretroviral therapy to slow progress of HIV virus to postpone the escalation to full fledged AIDS.
  • Sometimes symptoms can be latent and only show up after the infection has already progressed to AIDS. So do not wait to feel ill before getting HIV test done.
  • HIV virus is transmitted through oral sex, anal and vaginal sex, blood transfusion from infected person, using contaminated needles or syringes, through breast milk from infected mother or in short, through contact of mucous membranes with bodily fluids like blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal fluids and breast milk.
  • Myths like AIDS can be spread through talking, hugging or shaking hands with an infected person are wrong.  Eating off same plate or drinking from same glass or using the same toilet cannot lead to transmission of HIV virus. Therefore, there is no reason to avoid or stop interacting with HIV infected persons.