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our achivement
  • Conducting first of its kind college fests/events which educated generation X about themes related to community health.
  • Spreading awareness among citizens regarding community health by means of road shows, events etc.
  • Networking with top universities abroad to gather and disseminate valuable knowledge pertaining to AIDS and other community ailments.
  • Creating a platform for victims of social neglect and apathy.

As an entrepreneur and a social activist I firmly believe that common citizens should be involved in projects related to community health in order to make a difference.


Research on AIDS

No sooner was HIV/ AIDS first detected, than the researches on preventing its spread started as well. Theories and therapies are created, incorporated in treatments, modified and updated every now and then. Medical researchers all around the globe spend lifetimes to bring out effective solutions to HIV/AIDS victims. Although no vaccines or cure capable of completely eliminating the disease could be created, there are therapies that can slow down or deaden the progress rate of spread of the disease. The Antiretroviral therapy ensures that the growth of the virus is slowed down by reducing viral load of the body. Further researches showed that Antiretrovirals drugs should be teamed up with a number of other drugs that came to be collectively known as Combination drugs.

There are constant and regular researches being done in this field in search for a “cure all” or vaccine. One of the latest researches done on HIV/AIDS is that a particular gene that is found in the rhesus monkey might be helpful in preventing AIDS.  This gene therapy, if it could be properly modified and incorporated in medical treatment regimes, could prove to be a breakthrough in the quest for a cure of this fatal disease. Some researches aim at working on the latent viruses that are next in the line to attack and the ones that are not killed by the ongoing therapeutic regime.  Drugs are invented to deal with these latent viruses. The huge rate of research work shows the motivation of people all over the world to come up with a foolproof solution to this pandemic disease called AIDS.  We want people to be aware of these treatments, therapies and ongoing researches and come forward to make a change for the better. There are many HIV and AIDS patients, who die in oblivion, because they never come out in public eye to seek support and treatment in fear of being a social outcast.