The website seeks to be a complete knowledge encyclopedia of myriad disease s that are common in the third world. In the website we have created a compilation of numerous diseases, some without cure, which are common among third world citizens.

So right from Asthma to diseases as fatal like Cancer we have it all in the website which seeks to become not only a knowledge platform where people can know about diseases but an interactive platform as well in which people can share their knowledge pertaining to myriad ailments.

As mentioned earlier AIDSawareness.org is not about only highlighting AIDS. Yes, AIDSĀ  is one of the most common ailments in third world but apart from that there are many killing diseases (some even seemingly as harmless as malaria) which seek to cause many fatalities in Asian as well as African countries. We seek to create a online portal where people get to know about these ailments, latest news pertaining to them and also connect with experts who can help answer their queries .