Poisoning by Arsenic

It has been known to everybody about the deadly character of the arsenic poison and the intensity of damage it can be capable of. But, it is not to be thought that the arsenic poison deserves to be thrown away completely. It has been very useful as well as beneficial medically although the doses will have to be very less. Arsenic is a semi-metallic chemical and it will not been made artificially. Rather it is created naturally. It will be a folly on the part of human beings if they think that they are safe from this deadly poison or they are not in connection with arsenic.

These people will get amazed if they comes to know that we, the human beings, are coming in contact with this life-threatening poison on a regular basis although the quantity of contact with the arsenic is very small and so, still, now, the humans are living their life very smoothly and they are not feeling the presence of arsenic in their life because as the quantity to which people are regularly exposed is very little and that limited quantity of arsenic has very less capacity to show symptoms of damage because practically this small amount of arsenic has not have the capability of damaging the humans. Yes, this is not to be thinking that it has totally no effect.

Yes, obviously, it has repercussions on human life but the difference is that it will effect in the long run and not in the short run if the doses of arsenic remains to be low. If the doses are high, then symptoms will be noticed within the shorter period.

Causes of Arsenic Poisoning-

Arsenic is so dangerous and deadly that it is sure that very few people will doubt this. Presence of arsenic poison is a curse to human life. Arsenic is so poisonous that if someone consumes in a greater amount, the person is sure to die. From this, it can be enough to get a clear picture about the lethal damage capability that the arsenic poison possesses.

But, normally, the human life is altogether exposed to this poison although the amount is very negligible on a regular basis and in day to day life. This little amount of arsenic although will not give immediate results in the short term period, but, in the long term period, it definitely has negative results and there is no doubt about the fact regarding this. If people are being exposed to this deadly poison for quite a long period of time, then diseases like cancer, thickening of the skin, diabetes, liver disease, problems with the digestive system will be experienced and it is very natural for a person to be completely unwilling to get himself or herself affected by these aforesaid diseases as because these diseases will have that much amount of capability to bring that affected person in front of the doors of death and ultimately can be capable of pushing into the death door and it is an universal truth and there is hardly any space of confusion regarding this.

Symptoms of Arsenic Poisoning - A person who has been exposed to arsenic either by drinking or eating can die and the symptoms will appear within 30 minutes after consumption. The person who has consumed arsenic feels a metallic taste on the mouth.

Treatment of Arsenic Poisoning - For the treatment of arsenic poisoning, it is necessary to eliminate the contamination of arsenic from its very source. The patient will have to be vomited and regular supervision will have to be taken under the guidance of a good specialist.