Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Back pain is hardy a chronic disease but several factors adversely affecting muscle, nerve, bone or joint can lead to severe pain and discomfort that can be a hindrance to leading a healthy life. Even simple or mechanical back pain can be extremely dangerous if not treated in time with proper medication under the doctor's guidance. Neglect can lead to variety of problems.

Causes of back pain-

Back pain can be divided into neck pain, lower back pain and upper back pain depending upon the area of the body affected.

Causes of neck pain

  • Injury to the soft tissues including muscles, tendons, and ligaments is the primary reason of back pain.
  • Degenerative disc disease or degenerative arthritis of the neck can be the cause of back pain.
  • If one falls on outstretched arm and breaks the collarbone, there is a big chance of suffering from back pain.
  • Heart attacks can also be a cause of back pain.
  • Causes of lower back pain

  • Accidental injuries
  • Zygapophyseal joint dysfunction.
  • People suffering from scoliosis are most susceptible to lower back pain.
  • Causes of upper back pain

  • Muscle strain or sprain in upper back.
  • Ruptured or herniated disc.
  • Arthritis may cause upper back pain.
  • Osteoarthritis in many aged people causes upper back pain.
  • Apart from all those particular or specific causes mentioned above there are many common causes of back pain.

    1. If one sits in a chair in a slouching position for a considerable time, he or she might suffer from back injury.

    2. Driving in a position where the head is tilted forward is also a cause of back injury.

    3. The improper posture while standing, sitting, walking and sleeping can cause back injury.

    4. While lifting heavy objects, one should take care of the fact that weight of those things is not be concentrated on back only as this can lead     to back pain

    5. Sleeping on sagging mattress also causes back pain because sagging mattress cannot support our spine.

    6. Being Overweight or being unfit is another reason for back pain. Inactivity of legs or not getting proper exercise for your legs may lead you to     suffer from back pain.

    7. Exercises without proper guidance may cause injury to the backbone.

    8. Sedentary lifestyle like spending a long in front of computer or sitting behind the driving wheel may be linked to back pain.


    The people who suffer most from back pain

  • The drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.
  • Pregnant mothers are virtually at the risk of back pain.
  • Elderly people suffer from back pain often due to degenerative health conditions.
  • People who are in the habit of lifting heavy objects on daily basis are at the risk of back pain.
  • People suffering from other diseases or who have gone through several operations may suffer from back pain etc.
  • How to get rid of back pain or lessen severity of back pain-

    Before treatment, diagnosing the reasons behind back pain is a necessary step. After finding the reason, the doctors prescribe the treatment which may include medication, exercise under proper guidance of fitness trainers and even surgery in some cases.

    If any one is suffering from acute pain, the patients can seek medical advice to get immediate relief but in case of chronic pain, the patient needs to be careful about the medication and the causes. The last type of pain may be very much frustrating and may lead to further physical complications.

    Sometimes disease like osteoporosis or other type of inflammatory diseases may lead people to suffer from back pain. In that case, a comprehensive approach is needed to treat the problem.